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Vernier Caliper, 150mm / 6 inch Measuring Tool

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High-quality stainless steel vernier caliper with inch and metric measurements for external diameter, internal diameter, depth and step length of an object.  Manual operation provides a long lasting measuring tool. 
  • 0-6" / 0-150mm Stainless steel vernier caliper measuring tool 
  • Accurately measure the inner diameter, outer diameters, step length and depth of an object
    • Uses large stainless steel jaws for outer diameter measurement
    • Measure the inner diameter of any object with the small stainless steel jaws
    • Use the end of the caliper to measure the depth of on object
    • Measure the step length of the object use the groove on the back of the caliper
  • Knurled thumb wheel and screws ensure smooth sliding and accurate result
  • Lock object into place utilizing the fine adjustment roller
  • Measuring range 0-150mm / 0-6 inch
  • For home and professional use
  • Limited lifetime warranty