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9-Piece Hose Clamp Plier Set

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The 9-piece hose clamp set includes seven pliers, hook pick and double sided screwdriver to remove the most common types of clamps from water hose, fuel lines and oil lines. Made from durable steel construction to stand up to the rigors of everyday use. 

This hose clamp plier set consisting of 7 different pliers allows for extra reach and locking of clamps into open position. It also provides for the removal of plastic and/or metal self-tightening hose clamps. Using the clamp on the end of a flexible cable allows for extended reach where other models cannot reach. The pliers can be locked to keep your hands free, making your job easier and faster.

Each tool is encased in our EVA foam tool storage solution that is arranged and engineered to maximize the space for perfect tool organization. This allows for the tools to stay organized and kept from shifting during transportation. All of our tools have been scanned in a CAD system and a computer-controlled routing machine then cuts out each tool to the exact shape to maximize space. The EVA foam allows for quick visual inspection enabling the user to quickly return the tool to its proper location. The tools are all set in an EVA foam tool storage solution insert to fit securely in the plastic portable case. 

  • For replacement of hose clips on fuel lines, oil pipes and water hoses 
  • Special design allows the spring hose clips to be securely gripped and safely expanded 
  • Contains different styles of hose clamp pliers service most of the at-band ring style and CLIC-R hose clamp, also other clamps 
  • Applicable for Alfa Romeo, Audi, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, VW, Volvo 

Tool set includes 1 of each tool: 

  • 1-Piece remote-action hose clamp pliers, VG003-01
  • 1-Piece universal hose removal pliers, VG003-02
  • 1-Piece hose clip pliers, VG003-03
  • 1-Piece cross slotted jaw hose clamp pliers, VG003-04
  • 1-Piece flat band hose clamp pliers, VG003-05 
  • 1-Piece curved flat band hose clamp pliers, VG003-06
  • 1 -Piece hose clamp pliers, VG003-07
  • 1-Piece hose removal hook pick  
  • 1-Piece double-sided screwdriver
  • Lifetime Warranty