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1/4" Drive T-Handle Ratchet Hex Drive Wrench

SKU: 1456002
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This innovative T-handle ¼” ratcheting wrench was designed as a multi-use tool. It can be adapted in many combinations to meet the needs of professionals and for homeowner use.

Multifunction meets innovative design allows this unique t-handle ratchet to be configured in a multitude of ways, from a standard ¼” ratcheting wrench, to a t-handle style ratchet wrench, to a mini ratcheting screwdriver and even a mini screwdriver when configured properly. You can also take advantage of its size where space is a premium and in tight quarters that would hinder standard ratcheting wrenches.

The t-handle design features double-sided magnetic hex drives, one end has a removable magnetic extension which allows you to lengthen the ratchet for added torque or removed to work in tight spaces. The strong magnetic ends hold hex bits and 1/4" drive extensions securely in place making it the perfect compact solution.

Torquey and quick t-handle design

  • Makes quick use of fastener removal
  • Torquey design allows for easy fastener removal

 Magnetic Connections

  • Keeps bits and extensions captive during use

6.02 Degree Ratcheting Head

  • Fine fastener adjustments
  • Allow for use in tight spaces
  • Watch type construction

88-Tooth T-handle Ratcheting Head

  • Smoother operation
  • Better tool control

Knurled Grip

  • Makes tool/bit removal easier when soiled

¼” Standard Hex Drive

  • Common to all bits and drivers
  • Magnetized for bit/extension securing

¼” Hex Style Tool Connection

  • Each connection point utilizes a standard ¼” hex
  • Magnetized for bit/extension securing

1” removable extension

  • Each connection point utilizes a standard ¼” hex
  • Magnetized for bit/extension securing
  • Can be used for lengthening the t-handle ratchet or can be used to extend the ratchet for increased torque

Chrome plated vanadium steel construction

  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Corrosion resistant

4" in length

Limited lifetime warranty