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7-Piece Metric Nut Driver Set with Hollow Shaft

SKU: BX518-R2
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This 7-Piece metric nut driver set with hollow shaft features: cushion-grip handles to resist slippage and to provide greater torque potential. All nut drivers are standard in length for most applications and fit over long bolts and studs. Each shaft in this set is fully chrome-plated to resist corrosion offering lasting durability and performance. The handle and shaft are each marked for clear concise recognition during low light conditions. Handle and shaft marked to easily locate the correct size.   

Each BOXOusa tool set that comes in our EVA foam tool storage solution is arranged and engineered to maximize the space for perfect tool organization. Every BOXO tool set that comes in EVA Foam fits precisely in our toolboxes or tool cabinets. This allows for the tools to stay organized and kept from shifting during transportation. All of our tools have been scanned in a CAD system and a computer-controlled routing machine then cuts out each tool to the exact shape to maximize space. The dual color red and black contrasting EVA foam allows for quick visual inspection enabling the user to quickly return the tool to its proper location. The tools are all set in an EVA foam tool storage solution insert to fit securely in your tool box. Set is secured in 1/3rd EVA foam tool storage solution insert to keep pieces together and organized in the drawer of your tool box. 

  • 3” Hollow shaft provides access to nuts with extended bolts or shafts
  • Chrome-plated shaft is corrosion resistant 
  • Cushion-grip handles for greater torque and comfort 
  • Handle end is colored and marked with the nut driver size to quickly identify the size needed
  • Tools are set in 1/3rd EVA foam tool storage solution Insert 
  • Special heat-treated alloy steel helps to increase strength and durability
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Tool Set Includes:

  • Metric nut driver sizes: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm & 11mm