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5-Piece Hammer Set

SKU: BX502-R
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Our most popular professional master hammer set. This set offers a wide range of hammers needed for most jobs. Includes one dead blow, one ball peen hammer, one double soft face interchangeable hammer, one engineer’s hammer and a sledgehammer.  

Precision hardened striking face on the ball peen hammer resists damage and applies a solid hit. The dead blow design sustains and maximizes impact force while absorbing the shock of impact. The engineering hammer is perfect for striking tools with accuracy, the 2.5lb. sledge is ideal demo-work, and the interchangeable soft face hammer is designed to keep your striking surface when you need to leave surface non-marred. The whole set is contained in our EVA Foam to keep your work tools organized.

  • 16 oz. Flat head and rounded pein hammer forged with high-carbon steel head for additional durability.
  • Dead blow hammer 37 oz. sand packed head delivers a controlled impact, made of Nitrule rubber.
  • Engineering machinist's hammer with cross-pein design forged with high-carbon steel heat treatment.
  • Wood handles feature high-grade clear-coated hickory handles provides long life, superior strength, and breaking stress.
  • Soft face hammer uses “soft” materials to reduce bounce back by absorbing most of the impact energy.
  • Durable plastic face heads are removable and can be replaced when needed.
  • Durable 2.5 lb. sledge hammer/club hammer for demolition work.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Tool Set Includes: 

  • (1) 500g Engineers hammer with hickory handle
  • (1) 35mm Interchangeable double soft faced hammer with hickory handle
  • (1) 55mm Dead blow hammer
  • (1) 2.5 Lb. Club hammer with hickory handle
  • (1) 16 oz. Ball peen hammer with hickory handle
  • 2/3rd Drawer EVA foam tool storage solution insert