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6-Piece Locking Plier & Interchangeable Head 1/4" Flexible Driver Set

SKU: BX034-R
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Introducing the 6-Piece Locking Pliers & Interchangeable Head 1/4" Drive Flexible Driver Set—a tool kit designed for precision repairs in challenging environments. This versatile set is a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering a comprehensive solution for tackling intricate tasks and in hard-to-reach places.

This set features two heat treated alloy steel locking jaw pliers with adjustable jaws, facilitating a range of tasks such as tightening, clamping, and manipulating flat or irregularly shaped objects. The knurled screw allows for precise operation, enabling users to customize the jaw width for different-sized objects. With secure locking into position, these pliers eliminate the risk of losing grip during pulling and twisting maneuvers.

The 19-¾ inch interchangeable flexible shaft, equipped with a quick-release bit driver to securely retain your bits, so you won’t lose them on the job. Accompanied by magnet, mirror, and LED light accessories. This flexible shaft provides efficient access to and clear visibility of hard-to-reach places while making repairs. Plus, the ergonomic handle enhances user comfort during prolonged use.

For added functionality, we recommend the optional 31-Piece Mini Bit Set (HBS-031BB-R). This set features a variety of ¼” drive bits; Torx, Torx Tamper, Pozi, Phillips, Slotted, Hexagon and Square bits to tackle many repairs. 

Each BOXOusa tool set that comes in our EVA foam tool storage solution is arranged and engineered to maximize the space for perfect tool organization. Every BOXO tool set that comes in EVA Foam fits precisely in our toolboxes or tool cabinets. This allows for the tools to stay organized and kept from shifting during transportation. All of our tools have been scanned in a CAD system and a computer-controlled routing machine then cuts out each tool to the exact shape to maximize space. The dual color red and black contrasting EVA foam allows for quick visual inspection enabling the user to quickly return the tool to its proper location.

  • Adjustable curved jaw locking pliers for flat or odd shaped objects
  • Heat treated alloy steel jaws
  • 19-¾” long flexible extension shaft ¼” quick release driver
  • Access and visibility of hard to reach locations
  • 1/3rd Drawer EVA foam insert tray keeps tools organized 
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Tool Set Includes:

  •  7" Curved jaw locking pliers
  • 10" Curved jaw locking pliers
  • 1/4" Flexible shaft quick-release bit driver with magnet
  • Mirror attachment 
  • LED light attachment
  • Magnet attachment