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"We always carry Boxo Tool Rolls"-Boxo USA

"We always carry Boxo Tool Rolls"

We host media events all over the country, providing journalists and influencers opportunities to experience new products including motorcycles, side by sides, atv's, electric bicycles and more. We frequently find ourselves out in remote places where the views and terrain are amazing, and civilization is miles away. We always carry Boxo Tool Rolls on every adventure because we will always need to use them. From simple adjustments to handlebars, levers and foot peg positions to trailside repairs, we always need at least a 10mm for something along the way. Recently while out in the desert near the Colorado and Utah border, an adventure motorcycle rider came through a rough section and smashed a rock pretty good with the rear tire resulting in a flat. The group pulled over safely, opened the Adventure Motorcycle Roll and started to remove the wheel. I arrived in the chase truck a few minutes later to find the group easily removed the wheel and were ready for the replacement I carried in the truck. The fantastic organization in the tool rolls makes it easy to find what you need and keep track of each piece, which is crucial when working trailside. A few minutes later everything was back together and the group carried on. "Sweet, no big deal" I said to myself as I got back in the truck. In many cases a flat tire miles away from town can be detrimental but not when you have a great group of riders and professional-quality tools. Thanks Boxo!

Also I really like your MotoBox Ricky Carmichael 26" 5-Drawer Portable Tool Box with 159 pc Metric / SAE Combo

Throughout my career as a bicycle mechanic, I learned to appreciate professional-quality tools. Nowadays I spend most nights working on the family ebikes, motorcycles and my Toyota 4Runner overland build prepping for the next weekend's adventure. I heard a wise man once say, "only rich guys buy cheap tools". The MotoBox 5-drawer Portable Tool Box from Boxo is my go-to for all my projects now because I can carry it around easily, all the tools are perfectly organized and easy to find, and I never have to worry about a tool failing on me in the middle of the job. The cushion grips are super comfortable even after hours of turning wrenches, and the foam inserts in the box hold each tool securely to keep them in great shape and looking pro at the races. Also the bright red foam under the tool makes it easy to notice when I leave a wrench or a socket on the seat of the dirt bike and forget to put it back. The box is small enough to move from the garage to the truck to the pits and I always have everything I need to keep the family rolling. Boxo makes it easy to invest in top-quality tools on a family budget for racing, adventuring, and in the garage.

Thanks fellas!
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