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BoxoUSA and Hoonigan Forge Partnership to Enhance the Tire Slayer Studios with BoxoUSA Tools and Tool Storage

BoxoUSA and Hoonigan Forge Partnership to Enhance the Tire Slayer Studios with BoxoUSA Tools and Tool Storage-Boxo USA


BoxoUSA, a leading provider of tools and tool storage solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Hoonigan, a renowned automotive show based in Compton, CA. The collaboration aims to provide Hoonigan’s Tire Slayer Studios with cutting-edge tools, efficient tool storage, and well-organized workspaces.

BoxoUSA has installed over 110 linear feet of its innovative Organized Storage Modules (OSM) in Hoonigan’s Tire Slayer Studios primary work and shop filming space. 

This installation ensures a streamlined and orderly environment for the Hoonigan team. Furthermore, BoxoUSA has equipped the garage with a 72" Pro Series top and bottom tool cabinets, accompanied by four 35" Pro Series 5 Drawer Flip Top Service Carts, offering convenient portable tool storage solutions.

BoxoUSA not only caters to the storage needs of  Hoonigan’s Tire Slayer Studios but also supplies them with top-of-the-line tools. The inclusion of BoxoUSA EVA Foam Tool Sets ensures that the Hoonigans always have the right tools in the right place at the right time. These foam tool sets feature professional-grade tools with a lifetime warranty. Each tool has a designated storage spot within the high-density EVA foam, which fits snugly inside the Boxo Tool Drawers. Should any member of the Hoonigan crew spot an empty space in the foam, it will immediately be noticed and action can be taken to find the missing tool to prevent any disruptions during filming or wrenching sessions.

With an eye toward a long-lasting collaboration, BoxoUSA is excited to support

Hoonigan in creating exceptional content and sustaining their day-to-day operations. When tuning in to Hoonigan, viewers will notice the utilization of BoxoUSA Tools, Tool Storage, and Workspaces. To explore and acquire your own BoxoUSA Tools, Tool Storage Solution, or BoxoUSA's unique application-specific tool kits, please visit their official website at Stay updated with BoxoUSA on social media by following @boxousadirect, and don't forget to follow Hoonigan @thehoonigans.