BOXO USA — We’re On Your Team!

Ingenuity, Quality and Craftsmanship
At BOXO USA we understand that your tools are an investment. This holds true whether you’re a professional technician, mechanic building custom cars or a racer involved with motorsports or powersports. Being equipped with the best quality hand tools and tool storage systems is an important factor in your success. However, this factor should not be at the detriment of your budget, workshop or the race team efforts. BOXO USA is on your side. The ingenuity we put into our products as well as our minimized supply chain allows us to make professional quality tools at extremely competitive prices. The cost savings our customers experience helps them make more horsepower, get more tires, use higher quality components for an overall higher level of output so they can do what they do best — Succeed!


Versatility, Organization and Cutting Edge Design
As a recognized global leader with tool storage manufacturing, BOXO has devoted the past ten years to creating a full line of hand tools incorporating versatility and organization. Our modern production facilities are based in Taiwan and utilize top quality materials to make tools that are equal to or better than the top brands on the market. In addition, BOXO USA went one step further with the introduction of revolutionary tool control inserts made from high density EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) closed cell foam that gets precision CNC cut so each tool fits perfectly into the drawer. Not only does this provide better tool organization, it also enables you to quickly identify any missing tools at the end of your workday or when the racing is done. It’s a modern way to provide the utmost in efficiency and elevates our customers work environment to the highest standards found in any industry.


American Ingenuity & Taiwanese Craftsmanship 
Proudly, our tools and storage systems are designed by a team of American and Taiwanese tool industry experts and enthusiasts, manufactured at top tier facilities in Taiwan — a partnership combining ingenuity, craftsmanship and value. This global approach affords you the benefit of having the best that money can buy — offered direct to the consumer — eliminating middle men, mobile tool trucks, outdated distribution structure or other supply chain inefficiencies. Isn’t it time you take a closer look at BOXO USA? You’ll find top quality tools with a limited lifetime warranty and unique designs that add up to a winning combination.


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